Christmas 2021: The Gift of Giving


Every year we are overwhelmed with the kindness of our supporters who give generously over Advent and provide for those in need in desperate situations. We are so thankful to the donors who think of us amidst their Christmas shopping, and our advocates who make time in the festive busy-ness to meet with desperate members of their communities.

It’s difficult to escape the level and scale of need prevalent in the UK at the moment. We see people struggling to recover from the financial impact of the pandemic, food shortages and increased fuel prices; Acts 435 has seen a more than 50% rise in people in need of help since Covid hit. It can seem like a losing battle, knowing how, or who, to help first. There are so many worthy causes it can be overwhelming. For Christmas this year, we’re encouraging our supporters to give what and where they can, knowing that each gift makes a difference, no matter how small.

All of the requests on our website are for practical needs costing under £150. In the face of such poverty, this might seem like a drop in the ocean. But each of these requests result in transformation of individual lives; a carpet for a toddler learning to walk, a bed for a man leaving a life of homelessness, a Debt Relief Order for a young mother learning to parent alone, or a sewing club subscription for an isolated female scared and alone.

So in the midst of the lists and busy-ness, suffering and uncertainty, we encourage you to give and seek the joy we can gain through giving. Acts 20:35 tells us of Jesus’ teaching: ‘it is more blessed to give than to receive’. We are blessed when we act according to God’s will for our life, and act with the deep love and compassion He has afforded to us. For each week of advent we will focus on the ways our financial gifts can bless others. You can give the gift of comfort, of hope, of joy and of peace this Christmas and receive the blessing and the gift of giving in return.