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What do donors say about giving to those in need through Acts 435?

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I just wanted to say thank you for the work that you do helping people who are in such desperate need. It is very moving reading peoples stories. It’s shocking that people have to live in such circumstances. I was able to make a small contribution today as we received our council tax rebate for energy bills and we are in the fortunate position not to need it at the moment.

speech 2

- Rebecca

I love what you do and love being able to bless an individual instead of a huge organisation. We can't always know the people around us that need help but via your website we can connect with individuals that do need it. I also enjoy receiving the messages of thanks although that's not why I give. I recently received one from a woman who had re-committed her life to Jesus because of a donation for 2 weeks rent on a flat - Praise God - we're sowing seeds and we don't know what may happen. It's great to be part of it.


For me, Acts 435 ticks all my boxes. I like to give to specific needs to make a real and meaningful difference. Reading the back story for the recipients and seeing their requests, makes a donation more worthwhile. Most of all, I like how I can give anonymously - there is no leader board of givers - it is just between myself and God (with your team making it happen). Thank you for the service you provide.


Acts 435 was a great way to use the winter fuel allowance that I didn't need. By giving it away, I was able to help a disabled lady in Nottingham get a wardrobe, and provide a cooker for a single mother. This is the great joy of Acts 435 giving – you know exactly what your donation achieved, it is personal and real.

-Acts 435 Donor

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