Partner Help and Resources

Documents you will find useful in performing your role as an advocate for Acts 435:

Acts 435 Advocates Group (3)

Guidelines and Useful Tips

Tips when Posting Requests

Tips for Thank You Messages

Representing your Beneficiaries Well A presentation from our 2021 Advocate Gathering on using Acts 435 most effectively- how to represent the applicants well and connect with our generous donors.

Reallocations Policy on when and how we reallocate funds from the original beneficiary.

Promotional Literature

For requests for our literature please email

The main literature we have comprises:

See here for our videos (linking to front-facing website page)

Media Support

If you have an opportunity to introduce Acts 435 to your church or to a group of local churches and charities, we have a script and Powerpoint presentation that you may use for this purpose. Do get in touch for up-to-date figures before sharing - in any case, we would like to know where you are presenting Acts 435 and see how we can support you: introductory-script-for-acts-435-slot introduction-to-acts-435

You may have an opportunity to include something about Acts 435 in your church bulletin or newsletter. Here is an example article which you may find useful: example-article-for-church-magazine

Joining Acts 435 presents a good opportunity to engage with your local newspapers and radio stations. Why not write a press release announcing your partnership with Acts 435: Template press release for new partners

Some brief thoughts and tips on how to use social media to get your requests met quicker, and spread the word about Acts 435: Social Media Tips and Hints

In dealing with the media, we ask you to be aware of our Media Policy

Other Admin

A blank copy of the Applicant Form. This form is a key part of the paper trail, which is important for audit purposes, and will provide you with evidence that an individual applicant has received the money that was sent to your organisation. We recommend you keep signed copies of these forms on file, or attached to the request in its "file library":

Acts 435 - Applicant form

If you want to add a new advocate - or perhaps you are passing Acts 435 onto a new person - they will need to complete this form in order to be set up as an advocate:

Advocate Commitment

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