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Join us in praying for our work and those we help who are facing hard and difficult circumstances.

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January Prayer Bulletin 2022

We would appreciate your continued prayers for new donors to join our giving community, and for more churches to partner with us this year, as the needs continue to rise all over the UK.

13 June 2022
February Prayer Bulletin 2022

What are we asking our supporters to pray for in February.

13 June 2022
March Prayer Bulletin 2022

Join us in prayer this March.

13 June 2022
April Prayer Bulletin 2022

Pray with us this April

13 June 2022
May Prayer Bulletin 2022

What we're asking for prayer for this May....

13 June 2022
June Prayer Bulletin

Praying together this June.

13 June 2022
July Prayer Bulletin

"Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name"

7 July 2022
August Prayer Bulletin

The summer holidays are often an anxious time for families, and we have had several requests for food, and also activities over the summer as they continue to feel effects of the cost of living crisis.

4 August 2022