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Supporter Complaints Procedure

Acts 435 aims to provide an acceptable standard of assistance to our Supporters, and if we fail to do this we want to know about it. In letting us know it will not only enable us to deal with the specific problem, but also avoid it happening again.

This document explains how our complaints procedure will address any matters where you believe the assistance you have received from Acts 435 has been unsatisfactory.

This procedure is meant to provide a means to resolve a dispute between Acts 435 and any complainant. As an organisation we would like to hear from you about any of the following:

What you should do if you wish to make a complaint

Should you feel you have cause for complaint, we would ask you to register this complaint in one of the following ways:

Once you have registered your complaint we will deal with it as follows:

Stage 1 - We will respond to your complaint within 14 working days, either by email or by telephone, and aim to resolve the complaint within 30 working days.

Stage 2 - Should you not be happy with the outcome of Stage 1, you can then seek the opinion of the responder’s Line Manager, who will respond to you within 30 working days.

Stage 3 - If you are not satisfied that the internal process has resolved your complaint then you can refer to the Fundraising Regulator within 2 months of receiving Acts 435’s response. They can be contacted via their website or you can call them on 0300 999 3407. They will then advise you on the next steps to resolving your complaint.