200 Fresh Starts Given


Each year we ask our donors to help those who are in need of a fresh start, and this year we were overwhelmed by the response from those seeking to help.

In previous years we have sought to help around 25 families and individuals whose need for a specific item would give them a fresh start. This year however, we managed to meet 200 requests for such needs during the Easter weekend.

These requests saw £24,320 given to meet the needs of 200 individuals who could make a fresh start. One example is this mum, and her children, who has previously escaped domestic violence and needed the removal costs to begin again:

"Amazing, thank you. Moving to a new safe place that I can call home with my children is beyond my hopes. Last autumn I felt my world as I knew it had ended. I have been in a safe home to recover and heal since then. Now, thanks to you we are on the brink of a new start in life, our new home. It is wonderful of you to give for my removal costs as I have no money to be able to pay it. Thank you for helping me."

This man had recently found himself homeless, and in debt, after a relationship breakdown and needed the £90 fee for a Debt Relief Order:

"I'd given up on everyone, including myself. No one cares for me anymore, or so I thought. Your gift of a Debt Relief Order is a gift of love (sorry for the gushiness) and I will be forever grateful. I have a long way to go but now feel that I DO have hope for the future. No idea what I'll do but at least I have potential for a better life. Thank you!"

Thank you to all our donors on behalf of the 200 families and individuals who received your help towards a fresh start at Easter this year - it was so appreciated and much-needed, and has lifted many burdens.