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We're here to serve churches and local charities who are already seeing desperate need in their communities, and those who want to engage further to bring hope into situations of desperation and poverty.

Through partnering with Acts 435 your church or charity can be enabled to meet the practical everyday needs of those facing poverty and hardship in your local community.

If you would like to join in partnering with us fill out our new partnership enquiry form.

How it works

Partner with Acts 435, post requests on behalf of those in need, help to fulfil their immediate need

A local church or charity becomes an Acts 435 partner

Partners post urgent needs on behalf of people in their community

Donors read stories of need and give through the Acts 435 platform

Partner contacts person in need and gives the item so desperately needed

Acts 435 facilitates the direct connection between those who are in need, and those who want to help, via our online giving website. The partner church or charity, knowing the genuine needs in their community, nominates an Advocate who posts the requests for help onto the website. Once a request is posted it can be met by one donor, or a number of donors giving what they can towards a small gift that can make a big difference.

Acts 435 seeks to resource churches and local charities in their work, and enable them to show God's love in action by loving their neighbours and caring for the vulnerable. We believe that this local model for partnership is key because these local churches, and charities, share our ethos, are on the ground in a local community and know who is in genuine need. They are also able to connect with potential new donors through their congregations and communities. The majority of our partnerships are with local churches. However, we do not limit our partners to churches in recognition of the great work local charities do which enables us to reach more people who we can help.

Acts 435 runs through this network of churches and local charities, and many are affiliated with our key partners like Christians Against Poverty, Trussell Trust and the St Vincent de Paul Society. They appoint an Acts 435 representative, called the Advocate, who is trained by Acts 435 and then posts requests directly onto our website for people in their community who are in need.

Acts 435 currently partners with around 600 churches and charities, all utilising Acts 435 in their own context. A church may decide to resource their already ongoing ministries such as a food bank, debt advice centre, job club or toddler group. Other churches may proactively seek to start connecting with those in need in their local community; for example, making contact with the local council or Citizens Advice to offer referrals, or beginning a drop-in café.

Acts 435 partners with many churches who are affiliated with our key partners like Christians Against Poverty, Trussell Trust and the St Vincent de Paul Society (view all our key partners).

To get an idea of the different ways our partners use Acts 435 see our Partner stories.

Join us!

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What does your church or local charity need to do?

Your church needs to nominate one volunteer who is the known contact for Acts 435, and who has some basic computer and admin experience. We ask that you let your congregations know that you're now partnering with Acts 435 and encourage them to give through our website

Are there any costs involved?

No, the organisation and administration of Acts 435 is funded entirely by Gift Aid reclaimed on applicable donations. Therefore, there are no costs incurred by the churches who partner with us, and 100% of donations go towards the direct need of the applicant.

What does Acts 435 provide?

Acts 435 provides training for the nominated volunteer, from the partner church (known as an Advocate). The training is online and takes around one hour to complete. Once completed Acts 435 provides that person with the login details and the support to get started. We can also provide ongoing support, and are on hand to answer any questions.

What is the role of the Acts 435 Advocate?

The role of the Advocate is to post requests onto the Acts 435 website on behalf of those who are directly known to be in need through ministries their church might run such as a food bank, debt advice, community café, job club or toddler group, or through referring organisations such as the local school or Citizen’s Advice. Some have used Acts 435 as away to start connecting with people in need. Others use it alongside other ministries they already run to meet the needs in their community.

Read more about partnership in our Partner with Us document.

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