A Practical Welcome To Those Coming From Ukraine

At Acts 435 we have been resourcing churches to provide the practical needs of refugees and asylum seekers for many years. However, it is only in recent years that we have needed to dedicate a category on our website to the needs of those seeking refuge in the UK. The Church in the UK has stepped up to be at the forefront in providing help to individuals and families who are new to the UK, and many have found it invaluable to be able to provide practical help for them through Acts 435.

On our website you will find many varied requests for help, and the requests for those who are new to the UK are no different - they are often varied, but all will help them to gain a fresh start and begin again in their new home. As I write this we have a request for a food processor on our website; a key tool to making food native to Afghanistan, which will help a family feel more settled. There are also requests for phones and laptops which will help refugees and asylum seekers keep in touch with loved ones far away, or to take part in their English classes online. There is also a request for train travel; something that is very expensive for someone receiving asylum support.

All of these practical needs can be met by the generosity of our donors, through our website. Acts 435 can help your church to welcome someone who is new to the UK through practical help, and can provide you with opportunities to address the needs that you might see regularly through your role in supporting refugees and asylum seekers as well as show them love and support when they need it most.

Acts 435 is a free resource, and we partner with over 600 churches and local charities all over the UK including many that are serving refugees and asylum seekers in this way. One such church is based in Glasgow, and they recently helped a large family with their specific need, which was bedding. Here is what the local church had to say:

“It's difficult to express just how grateful the family has been. They had been struggling for some time in a tiny flat with a large family of young children, without the necessary funds to provide even the most basic bedding. Their smiles lit up wonderfully when we brought the bedding round to them. We are also extremely grateful as a church for the opportunity to serve this family and build friendship with them. We are confident that this will continue to grow. Thank you so much for enabling these gifts and ministry.”

If you’re welcoming supporting refugees and asylum seekers who are near to your church, then Acts 435 could be the right tool you need to show God’s love in action to them as they start anew in the UK. Take a look at our website to find out more and register your interest: acts435.org.uk/join