Acts 435 Sunday 2022

We would love to invite you to share the hope of our work with your church this Acts 435 Sunday, 10th July.

This year we're providing churches with an inspirational video about the impact our work has on those on the front line of helping those in need. As well as this we're also providing a pre-recorded sermon by our Executive Director, Jenny Herrera.

Jenny will be focusing on the Power of Storytelling; we are created to be in relationship with each other, and to be moved when we hear of another's suffering, but what do we do when we hear it? Jenny will be unpacking the power of telling a story, and how we can respond when we hear of another's plight. You can view, and download, both of these videos on our YouTube channel and take a look at them both below.

Alongside these videos we have also updated our powerpoint and script, which are valuable in explaining more about Acts 435. You are welcome to use these and add in your own stories. You can view both of these documents below:

We would love to see your photos and experiences of sharing Acts 435 with you church, just email us at: - click here to download on YouTube - click here to download on YouTube

We have also created an inspirational video based on Josie's story, which may be more suitable for general use: - click here to download on YouTube