Acts 435 Sunday '21: God's heart for the poor

We're really excited that our Executive Director, Jenny, has filmed a brand new talk about 'God's Heart for the Poor' to run alongside our Acts 435 Sunday in 2021.

Jenny is a regular speaker at her home church, and will be presenting this talk live to her church congregation on 11th July. During this talk she explores what the bible says about giving to the poor, about serving them, and how to do it with the heart of God at the centre. It is an encouraging, and challenging, 20 minute talk that is ideal for churches and small groups.

Jenny also concludes by talking about how Acts 435 demonstrates God's heart through it's model to help those in need through the local church.

If you would like to present this video to your church congregation then please take a look at some other information that we have provided to help you do that: