Christmas 2021: Give the Gift of Joy


John 15 verse 11 says “I have told you this, so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete”. Joy is a word we really associate with Christmas. We sing Carols like ‘Joy to the World’ and I just love the joy I see on children's faces as they look at the magic of Christmas, as they open a gift they really want, as they look at Christmas lights; all these things just bring such joy to their faces. I wonder what you’re looking forward to this Christmas? What will bring you deep joy? One of the things that I've seen with acts 435 is that there is such a joy in giving to help someone else. It really is just a wonderful thing to do and if you’ve never done it, I really encourage you to think this Christmas, about how you can give joy to a complete stranger, but a stranger in need. Perhaps they cannot cook Christmas dinner because they don't have a cooker, perhaps they cannot afford gifts for their children; to see that joy on their faces. Would you be able to give the gift of joy this Christmas?