Five key charities tackling the rising cost of living

Our friends at Stewardship have released a blog detailing five Christian charities who are at the forefront of tackling the rising cost of living. One of those charities is Acts 435, and we are thankful to be listed alongside some of our other key partners.

We partner with over 80 Christians Against Poverty churches throughout the UK - some offering debt services, as well as those offering the CAP Money or Life Skills courses. Through this partnership we are able to meet the direct needs of those being supported out of debt. One of the main ways we're able to do this is by helping to provide the fees for many to go through a Debt Relief Order. This is a type of insolvency which is a lower-cost alternative to bankruptcy, and can be completed in a much quicker time. These fees, which are paid for by our generous donors, relieve a huge burden from individuals by releasing them from debt.

Trussell Trust Foodbanks are at the forefront of quick response to the ongoing crisis. We partner with around 50 Trussell Trust Foodbanks directly. This means that those seeking quick help during a crisis may also connect with one of our local Advocates and be able to have another need met; clothing, gas and electricity or another much-needed item. We recently filmed a video with a Trussell Trust Foodbank in Bradford, click here to watch that video and hear how we partner with individual Foodbanks.

Acts 435 have partnered with Safe Families for many years, and we're thankful that we can add an extra layer of support to their services. They offer much-needed support and help to families, young people and children through a network of local volunteers. Each local office of Safe Families has at least one Acts 435 Advocate who can post requests for help onto our website on behalf of the families that their volunteers are connecting with. This enables us to connect our donors with those families who need extra support in communities all over the UK.

We're grateful to these partners, and all our other key partners, who enable us to find the genuine needs in communities. We're then able to connect our donors with those in need more easily, knowing that the need is genuine and the item they so desperately need will be bought.

You can read the blog by Stewardship here: