Getting The Right Help at The Right Time

POSTED ON MAY 18TH, 2021 AT 10:21AM

1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in England.* These problems can range from trauma, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder, as well as many others. There are different types of help that people suffering from mental health problems need, one of which is counselling.

For many counselling is often a very helpful tool in recovery, but there are often long NHS waiting lists, meaning that resolution can often be delayed.*

However, there are many third sector and private therapists who charge a fee for counselling, or talking therapy as it is also known. By donating towards counselling fees on our website you are enabling someone to access the help they desperately need more quickly.

The counselling requests posted onto our website come from a lot of different areas in the country. However, one Advocate, based in Kent, often posts for such requests on behalf of clients to a specific counselling service called EDIFY.

Robert Davis is based at Sittingbourne Family Church, and he heard about Acts 435, and the EDIFY counselling service, through a local Christians Against Poverty Centre Manager. She suggested that his church partnered with us, and then EDIFY asked if he could post some requests for those who were waiting for counselling and who needed the funds.

The volume of those needing help through the counselling service at EDIFY is great, and Advocate Robert often has a long list of those needing help.

So far Robert has been able to request counselling fees for more than 150 individuals who so desperately needed the help and support of the EDIFY counselling service. Those requests have equated to more than 1400 counselling sessions, and had a great impact on each individual as they sought the help they so desperately needed.

Please do take a moment to see the impact that your donations towards counselling fees have in the video below, which was kindly sent to us by EDIFY.

If you would like to donate towards someone's counselling fees, please take a look at our giving page, and search in the box for 'counselling' -

*Statistics and information from Mind: (