Give a Fresh Start this Easter

This Easter many are struggling with the increasing cost of living, and when they find themselves in debt, escaping domestic violence or have to find a job, they need a helping hand for this fresh start.

Last week Christians Against Poverty published findings that showed 26% of adults in the UK are only 'just about coping' financially, and when something unexpected happens, or an individual needs a helping hand to move on, they have no financial support for the next step.

Such as S, who was helped by Acts 435 donors to purchase a washing machine. Her local Advocate said:

Thank you for donating towards a washing machine for S. Having fled domestic abuse with very little, it will make such a difference to S to have a washing machine in her own home again. She has experienced so much violent trauma over the past few years and is making every effort to rebuild her life and make a fresh start, and your donations have helped with that. She's very grateful for your support. Thank you so much for your generosity.

Or L who had struggled with mental health problems for years, and needed a fresh start free from debt:

I am simply overwhelmed that finally I can move on and have a fresh start with no debt and plenty of hope for a future that's very different for me. I am receiving help to budget and manage my money now and feel much more confident after Christians Against Poverty has helped me to do this. Without the Debt Relief Order, I couldn't see a future. Thanks to the generous donations through Acts 435 I now have that hope, thank you just could never be enough, it has changed my life.

Could you help to provide a fresh start for those facing, what feel like, impossible situations?

Take a look at the requests in our Fresh Start Appeal to donate towards the needs of individuals who are seeking a fresh start.