Give just five pounds this Christmas

Just five pounds

"Thank you so much for the money, it means the absolute world to me to be able to feed my three children and get them a few bits for Christmas. This time of year is so hard, especially with electricity and gas bills, so your kindness and generosity mean everything. Thank you so much, C."

We're aware that for many this winter turning the heating or hot water on will feel like a luxury and for others simply won't be able to afford it. But, what do those in that position do when their washing machine breaks, or their child grows out of their school shoes?

Last year, before the cost of living crisis really began, many sources reported that a fifth of UK adults had less than £250 in savings (Yorkshire Building Society, Joseph Rowntree Trust). This winter it is likely that those who are struggling will have little or no savings to see them through a crisis, a broken appliance or to just simply turn the heating on.

This impact will be felt more widely than ever; not just those on the lowest incomes will feel the squeeze this year - and we're anticipating the need for one-off financial help to increase. You can read more about our reflections on this here.

We're also aware, as Jenny highlights in her video below, that while those on lower incomes will be hit hardest, that actually many of us are also feeling the squeeze due to the increasing living costs in the UK.

Therefore, this Christmas, we're asking if you can join in with a community of other donors to support those most in need, and give #justfivepounds. If many of us give just five pounds, together with donations from others, we will help to lift a burden and bring hope to an individual, or family, this Christmas.

To give#justfivepounds to a need take a look at the ones below, or look at the other ones on our website:

"Hi everyone, I write this letter with great joy and pleasure. Your kind generous donations have placed a wonderful fridge freezer in my kitchen for this coming Christmas and New Year. You have also given me trust in humanity. Words cannot express my gratitude to wonderful people whom I have never met. You are wonderful and I do thank you and applaud you all. It now leaves me to wish each and everyone of you a wonderful Christmas and a spectacular New Year. You have made mine! Thank you and respect to you all, R."

'W' said thank you so much to all concerned for help with his bills over Christmas. He has all of his children living with him now and is safe and settled and your help has eased his worries at this stressful time of year and has allowed them to enjoy their first Christmas.

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