Giving a fresh start to someone facing an impossible situation

At Acts 435 we resource many churches and local charities who are serving their communities with debt help, and who often post requests for Debt Relief Order fees.

Our partners, who are trained to give advice to their clients on the best route out of debt, can sometimes advise that a Debt Relief Order (DRO) is the best way forward. This means that they're unable to pay off their debts through repayment, due to their circumstances.

A Debt Relief order is a type of insolvency, which clears an individual's debts, and they won't need to repay them. There are certain conditions that need to be met by the individual and the step is not taken lightly as the record of a DRO remains on their credit file for six years. You can read more about this here).

The fee for a Debt Relief Order is £90, which is a one-off payment that helps to provide an individual with a completely fresh start free from their debt and the burden that it brings.

In the last 12 months Acts 435 has been able to provide the fees for over 1,400 individuals to go debt free through a DRO, through partner churches and charities throughout the UK.

There are various reasons that people find themselves in debt, some of which are through not fault of their own such as unemployment, or debts brought about in their name by a friend or family member.

P was referred to our local partner charity by his social worker. He was terrified of leaving his home due to the threat of the bailiffs, they were hounding him daily even though they knew he was vulnerable. He isolated himself. His debts started to build up due to a benefit overpayment of £8,000 that date back to 2011. The local Acts 435 Advocate spoke to him over the phone to give him confidence to come to an appointment, and had to build up his trust and faith that they could help him. The local Advocate writes:

After our first appointment I could instantly see a difference in him, he looked like the weight of the world had been lifted off his shoulders. Once his DRO had been approved his life changed, he started to go out and even joined a music group at a wellbeing centre where I do outreach every Tuesday. He is like a different person and is in a much happier place.

For P, he was unable to pay any substantial amount towards his benefit over payment, and needed the release that a DRO can bring to start afresh. It has also enabled him to gain confidence in leaving his home, meaning he is less isolated.

A Debt Relief Order can have such a huge impact on those who receive them, helping to lift a burden and give a fresh start. We're aware that some of our donors enjoy donating towards these requests, knowing that they're giving a lifeline to individuals who have found themselves in an impossible situation.

If you would like to enable someone to be free from debt, and go through the process of a Debt Relief Order, take a look at all our current requests for these fees here