Giving Hope Together 2022

We would love to invite you to a special event, Giving Hope Together, on Thursday the 5th May. We are going to hold this one hour event twice, at 11am and 7pm, so do choose which time suits you best. The purpose of the event is to gather donors, advocates, and other supporters to hear more about how we are responding to the current crisis in the UK, and our plans and vision going forward. We will also be sharing our Annual Report, and most importantly sharing some inspirational stories from our local advocates who are helping those in need in their community.

Last year, this was a really great event and a time to gather together, as a charity that is spread across the UK, thanks to the power of technology. Those that attended gave us great feedback. Some said they were encouraged to be reminded they are not going at this alone, and said they felt part of something bigger. Others took great inspiration from some of the stories shared. Donors were able to put a face to the name of their local advocate, who had written posts they had donated to!

It is an open invitation which can be accessed on Zoom with the Meeting ID: 822 0562 2080 and password: 435Acts so feel free to share with friends who might be interested in hearing more about Acts 435. Alternatively, the link is:

Do note down the date in your diaries - though we will livestream it on Facebook and YouTube which will then be available after the event to share for those who can't make it. We would love you to join us. In a world full of darkness, let's share in the light.