Giving Tuesday

You couldn't avoid all the Black Friday offers last week, and they seem to be continuing this week online and in shops. However, today is Giving Tuesday - a day to change the focus from buying to giving.

Acts 435 provides the ideal way to give quickly and directly to someone's specific need in their moment of crisis, or as they face hardship.

Every direct need on our website will make a big difference to individuals and families, like this one who wanted to make a final visit dad/granddad, who was terminally ill, before he passed away.

Acts 435 donors stepped in to help, and provide the passports to travel to France, and make this important visit. After receiving this gift, the mum said:

"Our request for financial help was made at a time of high stress for the whole family, feeling the pressure to urgently visit my step-dad, not knowing how we were going to afford to get passports in time, and not knowing how long we had. The speed with which Acts 435 responded was absolutely amazing and made a huge difference. It took away one whole level of stress and we have been so grateful for the kindness and support of those who donated."

Instead of continuing to browse the sales to snap up a 'bargain' could you give something essential this Giving Tuesday?

Take a look at all our current requests for help here:

Give something essential this Giving Tuesday

Lets change the focus from buying to giving

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