Good Business Accredited Charity

Acts 435 is accredited by The Good Business Charter, which means that we adhere to their 10 components of fair business. All this week they're highlighting that Good Business Matters.

At Acts 435 we see firsthand the repercussions of unfair business, which is one of the reasons that we seek to be fair in our work.

One of our main aims is to treat our employees fairly, including looking after their well-being and fairer pay and hours. As part of the Good Business Charter we also strive for environmental responsibility and commitment to our customers - our fantastic donors!

"Too many people are surviving with low paid, insecure work which quite simply does not cover their basic costs. All employers have a responsibility to pay a decent wage - at Acts 435 we see the impact of those unable to afford to replace an appliance or fix their car because of low income - treating people with dignity and paying them a fair wage has never been more important. " - Jenny Herrera, Executive Director.

If you would like to read more about the 10 components of good business, that we as a charity adhere to, take a look at The Good Business Charter's website.