How Acts 435 can resource churches during the rising cost of living this winter

This autumn and winter the UK is facing a national crisis as the cost of living continues to increase, meaning that many cannot afford to heat their homes or buy food. This crisis will affect everyone to a degree, but it will most affect those who are already vulnerable, or in poverty.

Churches can provide a safe space for individuals and families, and help to alleviate this crisis for those in their communities by providing a warm space and hot food. If your church is looking for ways to welcome and serve your community in this way during the winter, Acts 435 can resource you to further help those that you are welcoming into your church. The cost of living crisis will mean that many are going without heating and food, but they will also be in need of other essential items that they are unable to afford, and this is where Acts 435 can step in.

Your church can partner with Acts 435 to provide fast financial help for those you are meeting through any new, or existing projects, including Warm Banks. Acts 435 is a free resource for churches who want to help to meet the specific needs of those in their community. You can find out more by taking a look at our 'Partner with us' page, or by clicking on the box below to fill out our enquiry form.

You can help people like A, and his family, who are already on a low income but were hit further by the increase in costs. His local Acts 435 Advocate posted a request for food and utility bills onto our website, which was then met by generous donors. On receiving the help he said:

Thank you for your help towards fuel bills and food. Your support for me and my family is of tremendous value to us, not only in monetary terms, but in bringing us relief from stress and the depression my wife is suffering from, but also the increasing difficulty in making ends meet.

Where Warm Banks and churches can step in this winter, with the help of Acts 435, is to provide this fast financial help in this crisis, but also as A describes above a 'relief from stress' and a warm welcome, which is of 'value' to those you meet. This value is not only in the physical help, but the relief from burden and the feeling that someone cares in the midst of a troubling time.

There will be many this winter who have to choose between eating or heating their homes, and for some they won't be able to do either. Churches can play a vital role, and Acts 435 can support you to do more for those that you are meeting.

If your church or charity is not starting up a specific Warm Bank but will see the rise in need through your food bank, debt services or other ministries, and need the resource to help those you will be seeing who are struggling with the rising cost of living, Acts 435 could also be a fantastic tool, please do get in touch.

Other helpful resources for those considering starting a Warm Bank in their church or community space.

The Evangelical Alliance in the UK have partnered with us, as well as many other charities, to equip churches to run Warm Banks this coming winter. If you're looking to run one in your church it is worth taking a look at their website:

Jubilee+ have created a resource to prepare churches for the rising cost of living, which gives guidance on how to serve those most in need in your community:

The Big Issue have explained the need for Warm Banks further in their most recent article:

Action for Warm Homes continue to do research into the subject of fuel poverty, take a look at their website to find out more

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