Leave a Legacy to Acts 435

Last year over £1,800 was left to Acts 435 through legacy donations. These donations helped at least 30 individuals, and the impact will have gone further than we can measure. We were able to apply the legacy donations to some of the most urgent and pressing requests, along with those who had been waiting the longest. This will have been a lifeline to so many.

The range of requests these donations were applied to is vast, from Debt Relief Orders, to bunk beds, baby supplies to counselling sessions. One of the requests supported by legacy donations was posted by our partners at "Warming Up the Homeless," a charity operating on the South Coast. This was the request:

“N has suffered from extreme domestic abuse and violence and has fled from her home and marriage. She has three children, the youngest is eight months old. N is in need of a food preparation machine for her youngest child, and a small training seat to assist with sitting up and muscular development. Children’s clothing is also an urgent need. Warming up the Homeless has assisted her with items for her temporary accommodation but N would be so very grateful for any assistance with the items we couldn’t provide.”

£80 of legacy donations was applied to this request, ensuring this young Mum had all she needed for her children as she escaped such tragic circumstances, thanks to the kindness of a stranger who chose to include charitable donations in their will.

It can be difficult to decide, and hard to know where to start, when planning distribution of finances in a will. Remember a Charity organisation have a number of helpful and informative advice pages on their website, and describe the incredible impact of choosing to give to a charity when creating a will.

Many of our legacy donations come through Stewardship. On their website Stewardship explain the advantages of allocating charitable donations in a will using their service:

“Stewardship can make it easy for a donor to remember charities in their will. The will can include just one gift to Stewardship, rather than separate gifts to different charities. The donor can then complete a Legacy Giving Account application form to let us know about the legacy and tell us how they would like it to be used.”

We are so thankful to the individuals who chose to leave charitable legacy donations in their will. The difference their financial gift has made is immeasurable. For more info, visit the 'Legacy' tab on our website, Alternatively, If you’d like to talk to us about leaving a gift in your will to Acts 435 email us at admin@acts435.org.uk and we’d be so happy to discuss options with you.

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