Over £3,000,000 Given to Those in Need!

POSTED ON MAY 4TH, 2021 AT 12:04PM

Since Acts 435 launched in 2009 we have seen our community of donors continue to grow, as more people have realised the power of direct giving through our website. As we celebrated our ten year anniversary last year, we reached £2,000,000 given directly to those in need (in December 2019), and we were overwhelmed by this figure.

However, the last year has shown us, and our donors, that there is more need than ever. Our supporters have generously continued to give during the coronavirus pandemic, and not only have they continued to give but they have also responded to the increasing need with more generosity than ever. We're very thankful to God for all that He has done over the last year to enable us to be able to fulfil all the needs that were posted onto our website, and meet them more quickly than ever.

During April this year, just 16 months after reaching our last milestone of £2,000,000 we have been blown away to see that donors have now given £3,000,000 towards the specific needs of those in crisis and poverty all around the UK.

We can also confidently say that of the £3,000,000 given 100% went straight towards each individual's need - from washing machines and cookers to pushchairs and urgent travel. Each donor will have also received a personal thank you from the recipient or their Advocate. So when you donate you know exactly where 100% your gift is going, and our Advocates help us to ensure that the much-needed item gets there safely.

As we look forward as a charity, with our community of donors, we hope to be able to partner with more local churches and charities, and to be able to facilitate even more people-to-people giving.