PRESS RELEASE: £5 million given to the specific needs of individuals

National charity, Acts 435, which has been running for 13 years, has hit a huge milestone, giving £5 million directly to the specific needs of over 45,500 individuals in UK poverty.

Acts 435 resources local churches and charities with the ability to post requests for help for those in their community. Members of the public can then go on to the website and crowdfund for these specific needs, 100% of which are distributed to the individuals.

These requests help to provide one-off specific needs, such as; white goods, school uniform or travel costs. They provide a helping hand to someone in a crisis or facing hardship. Many are unsure where to turn in these circumstances, and local churches and charities are doing an incredible work seeking to offer a solution but often do not have the budget to help with specific items which is why they partner with Acts 435. One local charity requested help through with furniture for Katya* who had escaped domestic violence, giving a fresh start. Katya said:

"Words fail me. I don't know how to thank you for the kindness you have shown towards me and my children. This support has made a huge difference to our lives. The children can sleep safe and sound in their own beds, we can put away our clothes, and have a comfortable sofa to sit on. I can now cook them the food they love and I love cooking for them. This is all down to you. Thank you for everything, I feel I'm getting back to normality now."

During this time of national crisis, as the cost of living continues to impact many, Acts 435 is thankful to have been able to step into the gap and distribute £5 million in donations directly to the specific needs of individuals who are in genuine need of help, through a network of known churches and charities.

Executive Director, Jenny Herrera, who has been at the helm of the charity since it launched in July 2010, said:

"Acts 435 enables local churches and charities to access help for the people they are working with, but more than that, it gives people who want to help a direct, cost-efficient and effective way to meet the needs of people struggling in our nation at this time. The act of showing generosity to those less fortunate than ourselves is still alive and well in the UK and it is a privilege to have channelled five million pounds of such generous giving right to the source of the need, bringing huge impact into the lives of so many."


*Not real name used

Acts 435 is a national online giving charity which seeks to connect those who want to give with those that have need. The charity works through a network of churches and local charities who are all seeing the increasing need throughout the current cost of living crisis.

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