Press Release: March Covid-19 update.


The national online giving charity Acts 435 has seen a surge in those looking for help over the past twelve months, alongside a lift in donors with more disposable income, indicating a widening of the gap between those who need support, and those that are able to help.

The charity’s Executive Director, Jenny Herrera, said that “Acts 435 steps into situations of desperate need from those who have no buffer to fall back on when they lose their job or hit a crisis, something accentuated by the pandemic. However, while the need has increased, we have also seen a rise in donations to match the need as people choose to respond to the crisis in this positive way, and perhaps are able to through an increase in disposable income”.

During the last twelve months the charity, which helps to provide small but essential needs to those who are struggling financially, has helped over 6,500 individuals and families who needed a helping hand during the pandemic. Yet, as many have struggled from losing their jobs and being furloughed, those who were able to retain their jobs and work from home were enabled to save money, and donate more to those who needed it. An average of 466 individual donors gave on a monthly basis to the requests on Acts 435’s website, and contributed to the £774,970 that went directly to the individual needs of those seeking help. Alongside this, 90% of requests were met by donors in less than 14 days, giving fast financial support.

For churches and local charities on the frontline Acts 435 has been a crucial resource to their work. Gina, who manages a food bank in Dorset, has said: "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the Acts 435 team for the tremendous work that you all do to provide for the most vulnerable within our communities. Acts 435 is the only organisation where we get a fast reply to our requests which enables this help to be delivered almost immediately."

This fast, financial help provided by Acts 435 and its donors has been a lifeline to the individual applicants, who have faced many challenges during the pandemic, and particularly lockdown. One beneficiary, so thankful to donors for helping to pay a bill, and secure her future, said:

"Thank you so much, I cannot believe how great you [the donors] are. I felt very overwhelmed when I realised this is a gift from you [the donors]. I can now pay off my rent arrears which I was so afraid would get me evicted if I could not pay it off soon. You have helped my anxiety levels about my arrears and I can sleep better tonight. Lockdown has been so bad for me as it increased my depression, but I can honestly say you have really lifted me. Thank you so much."

If you would like to find out more about directly helping individuals affected by the coronavirus pandemic, we can connect you through our website:


Contact: Katie Greene, Partnerships Director,, 077369 35836