PRESS RELEASE: Surge of Generosity to Step into the Gap

National charity is overwhelmed by public support for people struggling in cost of living crisis.

Online giving charity Acts 435, which works through partner churches and charities across the UK, saw a record month of over £100,000 given by members of the public to crowdfund specific needs of people who are struggling financially. They are stepping in to help people with gas and electricity on their meter, white goods and furniture or essential clothes.

One family in Oldham were living in a cold, damp home and had no cooker. Acts 435 donors stepped in to provide a cooker and the family said: "Oh happy days, we can now have great hot food. The kids can make biscuits and we can all eat them together. It’s going to be great fun and I don’t care about the mess. When the social worker comes he will be surprised as our house will smell of cookies instead of damp mould."

A single lady from Sittingbourne was in need of counselling and here is what she said when the amount was given: "As a carer in a nursing home, a job I love, the after-effects of the pandemic really hit me hard. Witnessing the friends I had made within my job suffering, and feeling sad when people passed, hit me hard. Your donations have helped me to adjust from the stresses by talking out the situations that were before me."

A man was fed up with getting wet-through whilst living on the streets. This local Acts 435 representative requested waterproof clothing, and here's what she said: "He isn't having to sit around in damp clothes anymore! It has made such a difference and he is so happy! Thank you!"

Executive Director, Jenny Herrera, said: "We were concerned that the level of need would outstrip the donations we receive, and some people in October had been waiting for over 2 weeks to receive the support they desperately need, but in November the floodgates have opened, donations are up 25% and people are getting the swift, financial help they need. We are so grateful to see members of the public care."

The churches and local charities who are helping their communities at the crucial time are needing the support of charities and organisations, like Acts 435, more than ever. Many UK charities have recently come together as part of the Warm Welcome initiative to help reach out collectively to people in need through providing a warm space, debt advice, food, mental health support, and in the case of Acts 435, practical, specific support.

Acts 435 is run by a small team, with just four staff members all working just 2.2 full time equivalent between them. The charity costs, including salaries, are fully sustained by Gift Aid on applicable donations, which ensures that 100% of every penny donated goes towards the specific needs of individuals.

Acts 435 is grateful to its community of over 6,000 donors, and the new donors each week, who choose to go onto the website to give towards the requests of individuals who are facing hardship or crisis, and who are continuing to give generously during this time of financial struggle for many.


Acts 435 is a national online giving charity which seeks to connect those who want to give with those that have need. The charity works through a network of churches and local charities who are all seeing the increasing need throughout the current cost of living crisis.

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