School Uniform Appeal 2023

Each year we highlight, and ask you to give to, the many families that are struggling to purchase school uniforms for their children. Last year we said that there would be even more reasons why families will find it even harder to afford this expense, and this year it seems that this will be felt even more than before, as the cost of living crisis continues and as parents continue to skip meals to afford their monthly bills, the thought of buying uniform continues to be out of reach.

In 2023 research by the Children's Society showed the average spent on school uniform per year was £422 for each secondary child and £287 for primary*. If families have more children this cost increases, even if they are able to recycle some items for younger siblings.

There are many fantastic local charities up and down the country who provide uniform banks and swapping facilities, but this has not become widespread enough to serve all low income families and make sure all children are well provided for in time for the academic year. This is where Acts 435 donors can step in to help, by donating towards the uniform costs of individual families known to our local Advocates to have this need. Not only does help with school uniform lift a burden from parents, it also gives the opportunity for children to have the confidence when they go to school.

The additional worry of school uniform is being felt by parents more keenly than ever before. This single mum has three children, two with additional needs, and her eldest is transitioning to a new school this September. She was so grateful that Acts 435 donors were able to help her with the cost of school uniform. Here is what she had to say:

Speech 1

I can't state how much I appreciate how generous people have been in helping me to buy my child a new school uniform. Things are so expensive today and the additional worry of having to buy the uniform was putting me at risk of getting into debt. However, thanks to your support I can now move forward. In every way possible I'd like to thank each and everyone of you for helping me.

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'Parents forgo holidays over school uniform costs' (BBC News, 2023)* (

School Uniform Appeal 2023

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