Thank you to all our Advocates this Volunteers Week!

We partner with amazing local churches and charities all over the UK who are all helping us to see the needs of individuals met. Within each church or charity they have a representative of Acts 435 who posts the requests onto our website, and they're called the Advocate. Our local Advocates go above and beyond in helping those in need, often helping them with their debts, to provide them food, or to support them with practical items through Acts 435.

We're very thankful to be a resource to these Advocates, whose role with Acts 435 is completely voluntary. We couldn't have supported over 43,000 individuals with one-off needs without them volunteering their time to post requests, and to help recipients to source the items that are so desperately needed.

Advocates are often already helping out in their food bank, debt centre or toddler group, and Acts 435 can provide them with a way to help those they are supporting further.

However, for other Advocates they seek to find the needs in their community by contacting their local school, housing association or doctor's surgery. One Advocate we spoke to recently runs a drop-in session at their local school so that they can speak with families, and meet any needs they might have.

Our local Advocate, Lyn, is a chaplain and often visits the local prison to speak with offenders, and also supports their families. She said:

'I am passionate about this charity and love being an advocate. The joy when I have seen people receive help is immense. I love knowing that donors are willing to help total strangers - every time I think of the parable of the good Samaritan. I also believe that these donors are demonstrating God's Kingdom on earth'. - Lyn, Acts 435 Advocate, South Cave.

We couldn't function as a charity without the 928 Advocates (some partners have more than one) that are meeting with those in need, and posting their much-needed requests onto our website.

A huge THANK YOU from all of us at Acts 435!

If you would like to read more about what it means to be an Advocate you can read lots of stories of our local Advocates on our Partner Stories page.

Lynn, pictured in the middle of this picture, who is our local Advocate in South Cave.