The Fight Against Poverty

Christians Against Poverty have recently highlighted the need for coalition in the Fight Against Poverty. Their Centre Manager in the Greenwich CAP Centre, and our Local Acts 435 Advocate, Leanne, has appeared in some of their literature. She has been telling stories of some of her clients, and explaining how they're struggling during the rising cost of living.

Our friends at CAP have released a report called The Fight Against Poverty, in which they call for churches and organisations to come together to fight poverty.

In this report Leanne explains Mark's story, and how Acts 435 provided him with a cooker during one of his hardest moments. He was using a bowl of hot water to cook his food that had been given to him at the Greenwich Food Bank, but he no real means to cook the food safely. Leanne was able to post a request for help onto the Acts 435 website, and donors quickly and generously gave to his need for a cooker.

Leanne explains that 'grip of poverty is loosening' for Mark, and we're thankful to partner with many different churches and organisations to be a part of stories, such as Mark's, and help to loosen the grip of poverty for many individuals.

As Leanne says:

We can't do this on our own. Our church collaborates with six others, and various charities and organisations in the area, like the one that helped us source Mark's oven. The only way to fight poverty is by working together.

You can view CAP's report on The Fight Against Poverty here.