There's No Cap on Compassion

The generosity of our supporters shows there is truly no cap on the kindness of strangers. Our Executive Director, Jenny, recently sent this out in our monthly mailshot and we feel like it perfectly summarises the situation at the moment:

“It's everywhere at the moment, isn't it? The focus on the rising cost of living and the impact that is having on people across the nation. I am glad there is an opportunity for charities doing such important work to show a wider audience what it means to try and live on just £20 a week for food and utilities, or the challenges of in-work poverty when the pay packet at the end of the month just doesn't stretch to cover the rising cost of living.

We have been stepping into these situations for over a decade and it is somewhat depressing to see the situation worsen rather than improve. Yet, as the need increases, we are heartened to see people continue to respond and help. On the day the increase in the energy cap was announced people gave over £5,000 on our website to meet the needs of those people whose finances are going to be squeezed yet again. For those with no buffer, there is simply no easy way forward to meet their daily costs of living let alone have something left over to replace a larger item such as white goods or carpets.

There are a number of requests in our ‘Struggling with Bills and debt’ category we would encourage you to donate to. Perhaps you've heard others this month express concerns about how the poorest in our nation will cope with the rising cost of living - why not invite them to take a look at these needs also and consider stepping in to help one person today?”

Join us as we share kindness and prove there will always be someone that cares."