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POSTED ON JULY 19TH, 2021 AT 10:54AM

Following on from it's premiere at churches across the UK last Sunday we're excited to share with you our brand new video. It's an encouraging picture of our work within the UK. Hear from two of our fantastic local Advocates working on the front line, and also two recipients of help.

Vicky, a single mum, was made redundant during Covid-19 and found herself with little income. Her debts began to spiral out of control, and while awaiting debt help Acts 435 donors were able to help with one of the bills to stop the bailiffs calling at her door.

Donna was caring for her dad, but he sadly past away during the pandemic, which meant she had to move out of their home. Her new home had very little in it, and she was unable to find any help to put flooring down. Acts 435 donors stepped in to help her cover her floors, and make her house a home.