Website Launch Day!

Jenny Herrera - Acts 435 Executive Director

Today is a momentous day for Acts 435 as we launch our new website!

We are excited to share with you a fresh look which we hope will make it even easier to see the needs of people in UK poverty.  You can now see how long someone has been waiting on our website - we hope this will encourage visitors to our website to really engage with the needs and find the ones they want to support.

There is also a fun little surprise when you pop a donation into your basket - do take a look!

We want Acts 435 to continue to grow and develop in the decade ahead and we believe our new website is providing us with an excellent starting point from which to build, bringing in the right functionality and creativity to serve our community in the best way possible - our faithful donors and supporters, our wonderful partner churches and charities, and of course the beneficiaries of Acts 435 gifts.

Today belongs to our new website, and our developers The Developers_ Society, with whom we have journeyed these past months in translating all that Acts 435 is into website code and functionality!

However I want to finish by saying a massive thank you to Jon Irvine at Designition who in 2009 built us a website that was ahead of its time, and has served us so faithfully over all these years, coping perfectly with surges in donations and our requests to bolt on additional functionality and automation.  Jon himself in recent years said it was time to rebuild the website and we wanted to future-proof it and move away from depending on one individual, but Jon, thank you for your quiet commitment to Acts 435 and the lasting legacy you leave.

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If you have any feedback on your experience of using our new website we would appreciate hearing from you! Please email