Partner stories

Read how churches and local charities all over the UK are using Acts 435 in different ways to meet the needs of those in their communities.

Inn Churches, Bradford

Resourcing Inn Churches to resource others to help those in need

26 April 2024
Steve, St. Nicholas Church, Alcester

"People generally find it hard and embarrassing to ask for help so it is a joy to meet and reassure them that people want to help and it could happen to any of us."

23 February 2024
Leanne, CAP Debt Centre, Greenwich

"I can't believe how wonderful Acts 435 is. I've seen how fruitful it can be."

19 May 2023
Alan Woodhead, Cherry Burton, East Yorkshire

"I took this role as a journey of faith, having no experience of people in such difficult circumstances. The appreciation and, above all, hope that a relatively small gift can bring to a person or family in some desperate struggle to get by from anonymous donors makes it so rewarding."

24 February 2023
Emma Kennedy, Chipping Norton

Extending an already warm welcome

17 November 2022
Kathryn, Shildon Alive

Finally, we asked Kathryn what she would say to someone considering becoming an Advocate: 'please do it because one small request can change someone's life and it is easy and quick to complete.'

27 June 2022
Lyn, South Cave

'I am passionate about this charity and love being an advocate. The joy when I have seen people receive help is immense. I love knowing that donors are willing to help total strangers - every time I think of the parable of the good Samaritan. I also believe that these donors are demonstrating God's Kingdom on earth'.

15 June 2022
Paul, Retford Baptist Church

Paul is our point of contact for Acts 435. He also posts Retford Baptist Church's requests onto the system and the thank you messages from beneficiaries.

13 June 2022
Liz, CAP Exeter

"It's great to see lives transformed, give a leg up to someone, bring relief and comfort."

13 June 2022
Gail, Ivy Church Manchester

When we then asked her what she would say to someone who was thinking of becoming an advocate; "Don't hesitate! There is no negative to being an advocate."

13 June 2022