Partner stories

Read how churches and local charities all over the UK are using Acts 435 in different ways to meet the needs of those in their communities.

Claire, Rainbow Money

Claire Daniels, long standing advocate

13 June 2022
Irene, CAP Advocate

(Photo taken at 2012 Advocate's Gathering of Irene, the Archbishop of York and his wife Margaret outside Bishopthorpe Palace.)

13 June 2022
Patsi, CAP Colchester

Let's hear more from Patsi about her experience of Acts 435.

13 June 2022
Sally, CAP Centre

"I was invited into her home, and into the home of two Acts 435 applicants, and what I discovered was just how special a person Sally is."

13 June 2022
Jon, Taunton Vineyard Church

"It is about time we heard from an advocate down in the South-West where we have a wonderful growing group of churches and charities using Acts 435."

13 June 2022