November Prayer Bulletin

God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them. Hebrews 6:10

This week one of our Advocates was sharing on her local radio station how some of the families she is meeting are taking out their light bulbs so that their children can't accidentally leave the lights on, and use electricity that they can't afford. This is the current reality for many in the UK, and especially those who are on pre-payment meters and have immediately felt the effect of increases. Please do pray for those who are continuing to struggle with the rising cost of living, especially those who are being plunged further into poverty and are having to take measures such as removing light bulbs and turning off their hot water to make ends meet. 

Last month we let you know that we have partnered with the Warm Welcome campaign, which is a community response to this crisis, supporting thousands of churches and community organisations to open their doors to those struggling to heat their homes. We do ask that you continue to pray for these spaces, and that they can utilise Acts 435 to provide extra help for those entering their buildings. 

Firstly this month we are very thankful to God for:

The connections we're making through the Warm Welcome campaign, and the blessing that this will be to our local partners. 

Our local partners who are providing warm spaces, budgeting courses and other much-needed support to those struggling. Please pray that we can be a resource to them at this time.   

Donors who continue to support our work through this worrying and challenging time for many. 

A donation through Life Church, Bradford's We Are One Foundation, which meant that we also appeared in their update email. 

The 608 individuals and families who have been helped in October by Acts 435 Advocates and donors with £74,045 distributed to those who need it most.

November prayer bulletin 2

Please join us in praying for:

New donors to help fulfil the ever-increasing need. Please pray as we look for new ways to engage donors and supporters with our work. 

Our partner churches and charities who are going to be encouraged to more actively share our work with their congregations and supporters this winter, and help us to meet this ever-increasing need. 

Katie as she shares the work of Acts 435 at the Welcome Churches conference on 5th November. Please pray that more churches welcoming refugees and asylum seekers will be resourced with Acts 435. 

A webinar on 16th November that we are running jointly with Stewardship for churches and organisations involved with the Warm Welcome campaign. Please pray that we can help as many churches and charities as possible with our free resource. 

Decisions around on-going website development, as we look to transfer the development of our website to a developer who will be able to make the necessary tweaks and developments needed. 

As always, thank you for your prayers for these individuals, our Advocates and for Acts 435 as we seek to do more for those in need in the UK.

Best wishes, 

Communications Director