October Prayer Bulletin

Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near. Isaiah 55:6

The Guardian reported yesterday that an estimated 11 million people in the UK are now behind with their bills, and 5 million are skipping meals to keep the lights on. The UK really is in a crisis, and we're hoping to be a resource to churches and local charities who are supporting those who are facing these decisions this winter. 

We've recently partnered with the Warm Welcome campaign, which is a community response to this crisis, supporting thousands of churches and community organisations to open their doors to those struggling to heat their homes. The campaign provides guidance, resources and financial support for these churches and organisations. The campaign is powered by a coalition of charities, convened by the Good Faith Foundation.

Please do pray for this initiative as churches open their doors to those in their community are this crucial time, and also that we can support them to provide one-off needs to those who are financially struggling this winter. 

Firstly this month we are very thankful to God for:

  • The ability to help churches, and those in need, throughout the winter in partnership with the Warm Welcome campaign. We're also sitting on the steering group for Warm Welcome, so please pray that we can be beneficial to this group. 
  • A new connection with Oxford Diocese, who are going to share us with their churches. Please pray that other Dioceses will be keen to share our work as they look towards the winter months and the cost of living crisis. 
  • The response we're receiving on social media, which is enabling us to reach new donors with our work. 
  • Jenny's opportunity to share a Monday Mercy with Jubilee+, in which she could signpost people to give through Acts 435. You can view this video on their website.
  • The 585 individuals and families who have been helped in September by Acts 435 advocates and donors with £69,625 distributed to those who need it most.

Please join us in praying for:

  • New donors to help fulfil the ever-increasing need. Please pray as we look for new ways to engage donors and supporters with our work. 
  • Our partner churches and charities who are going to be encouraged to more actively share our work with their congregations and supporters this winter, and help us to meet this ever-increasing need. 
  • Our team as we continue to navigate the autumn/winter and the increase in need from the rising-cost-of-living-crisis.
  • Decisions around on-going website development, as we look to find a more constant developer to take on the everyday, and ongoing, tweaks to our website. If you, or someone you know is a developer and may be interested in working for us, please take a look at the job on our website. 

As always, thank you for your prayers for these individuals, our Advocates and for Acts 435 as we seek to do more for those in need in the UK.

Best wishes, 

Communications Director