Leaving a legacy, making an impact

At the beginning of 2023 we were so thankful to receive a legacy gift of £20,000 towards our work. 100% of this gift went directly to help fulfil the needs of 181 individuals and families who were facing poverty and crisis around the UK. We were able to apply this legacy donation to some of the most urgent requests for help, along with those who had been waiting the longest. This gift will have been a lifeline to many. It has lifted a burden and provided hope when it was needed most.

This legacy went towards a range of requests from Debt Relief Order fees, white goods, carpets, a bicycle, beds and passport fees, to name just a few.

One of the requests supported by this legacy donation was posted by our partners at Holland Road Baptist Church in Brighton. This was the request:

“B is a single mum of seven children. She herself has historical disabilities, as do some of her large family. One son is registered blind, another son struggles with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and her youngest is diagnosed with Asperger's. The cost of the residential outdoor pursuits week is way beyond the family's savings, yet all agree that this would boost the boy's confidence and self esteem if he could attend. Your support towards the total cost would realise his dream of kayaking through rapids and flying down zip wires."

The legacy gift enabled this child to go on his school trip, which was something beyond reach for the family's budget. It will also give him experiences and opportunities that he wouldn't otherwise have been given.

Another request fulfilled by this gift was for a gentleman in Sevenoaks who was desperate to get his life back on track:

"S is a client who is in an unfortunate situation. He was living in his car for most of last year and required petrol to get to his temporary home. He had to make a thirty mile journey to this place, which was essential to prevent him living out of his car. Please could you assist with a donation for petrol and also for food in these uncertain times?"

Because of this gift, given through a legacy, S was given the ability to stay in his temporary accommodation. On receiving this gift S said:

"Thank you so much for your kindness. I finally have a place to stay for the next two months and I'm hoping that this will be extended, or the council will be able to find me permanent accommodation. Without your donation, I would have missed this opportunity to get my life back on track. Thanks once again."

These are just two stories of those helped through the generous legacy given by a donor. Both of these requests will have left a lasting impact on these individuals, giving them hope and relief at their time of need.

If you can leave a legacy, however big or small, to Acts 435 we will be able to use it to fulfil the direct needs of those seeking our help. You can leave a gift in the confidence that 100% of your donation will have an impact on those that need it most, as all gifts go directly to the requests on our website.

Our friends at Stewardship have a helpful page about Legacy and Estates Giving. on their website

If you are looking to amend your Will, or are thinking about having one written, now is the time to include a legacy to Acts 435. 100% of what you leave will be applied to online requests to help those in need and you can stipulate whether you would like those requests to be in a particular region of the UK or for a particular category of need such as children, those who are homeless or escaping domestic violence. We will apply the funds to requests meeting your wishes as and when they are posted on the website.

You can find more information about how to include us on our other ways to give page, or email us admin@acts435.org.uk