A comfortable night's sleep

When the local Advocate met with N she found out that she had needed to take everything out of her bedroom due to bed bugs, and this had left her with nothing to sleep on.The Advocate said: "The environment she lives in is a difficult one and a nice new bed and mattress would be really wonderful for her."

Thanks to the generosity of Acts 435 donors this Advocate could help N to source a new mattress, and even had the privilege of accompanying her to the shop. Here is what the Advocate had to say:

"Today I had the pleasure of meeting the client in a local store in order for her to choose a mattress. She was so delighted to be able to try out the beds and the store had one on display where the headboard was free which was wonderful as she was able to have that within the budget we were working with. She said the mattress was so tall and comfortable. N was smiling so much as we paid at the cash desk and her new bed will be delivered on Saturday which will enable her to have the first comfortable night's sleep for a long time. She asked me to thank everyone who has helped her. She said she was overwhelmed by your kindness and has found such hope in the UK. Thank you."