Our impact

At Acts 435 we see how a small gift can make a big difference. Here are a few stories of people helped through Acts 435 and the difference it has made.

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Giving joy for Christmas

"I will have one happy boy on Christmas morning, as he will have a Christmas Day."

1 December 2023
The gift of family time

"Thank you so much, I can spend a bit more quality time with the family now instead of being stuck in a sink."

23 November 2023
Relieving pressure to buy a child's favourite food

"I've told her to go buy strawberries this weekend to celebrate with her son. We are offering her some ongoing help and support which she is really grateful for and hoping that she will now be able to get back on her feet and get a fresh start."

23 November 2023
Helping to give dignity through choice

"It might not be a lot to some people, but being able to pick my own fridge freezer has just been a breath of fresh air, just to have a choice."

27 October 2023
Help to settle in a new home

"This has also had a massive impact on my mental health, knowing that there are people willing to help and support people in my position."

26 October 2023
Prevented from drowning in debt

"You have truly prevented him from drowning in debt."

3 October 2023
Giving hope through temporary accommodation

"I can't thank you enough for all that you have done for me. It's not just about the money, but it has changed my perspective on life."

28 September 2023
A new cooker for a new start

"Your donation of a cooker has not only fulfilled a practical need, but has also given me a sense of stability and hope for the future."

28 September 2023
Providing support, and helping recovery

Providing support, and aiding recovery

25 August 2023
Help to settle into a new school

"They have settled in now and made new friends, as children do, but I am sure that having their new uniform has been a big part of giving them the confidence to do this."

6 July 2023
Helping to reunite a family

Help to get the right documents for travel to Ukraine

22 June 2023
Boosting self-esteem with a hot meal

Since I received the microwave and vouchers, being able to have a reasonable meal has had such a big impact, and my outlook on life has become so much more positive.

31 May 2023