Our impact

At Acts 435 we see how a small gift can make a big difference. Here are a few stories of people helped through Acts 435 and the difference it has made.

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Helping at a time of crisis

"I would like to say that donations from nice people like yourselves actually save lives."

15 May 2024
Helping to give self-confidence

"I can once again walk through a shop or go to a doctor’s appointment without worrying people will judge me unkindly for the odour of unwashed over worn clothes."

2 May 2024
Helping to bridge the gap

Helping to continue a fresh start with a simple gift

26 April 2024
Help to make a home

"My house no longer feels like a garage. It feels like a nice family home."

15 March 2024
Providing somewhere safe to sleep

"It gave him relief, especially in the cold snap that has happened."

29 February 2024
Help to continue healing

"Thank you for having the compassion, empathy and love to help me, even though you don't know me. I will never forget this blessing that you've blessed me with."

14 February 2024
One less thing to worry about...

"Her children having a hot meal in the day is one less thing for her to worry about."

2 February 2024
The gift of freedom for mum and child

"It's lovely to be able to have my hands free to play with him. Thank you for helping my son."

30 January 2024
Keeping warm after disaster

"Your gift means that they are able to keep warm"

12 January 2024
A fresh start in time for Christmas

"Thank you for what you have done for the whole family. They now have somewhere to share Christmas together. A priceless gift!"

19 December 2023
The gift of a hand up

"Someone wanting to start a new life, grab it by the horns but who was being rejected everywhere he turned."

14 December 2023
The gift of family time

"Thank you so much, I can spend a bit more quality time with the family now instead of being stuck in a sink."

9 December 2023