A Fresh Start in a New Home

L was recently helped by one of our partner charities in Gateshead. He had been sofa surfing since being released from prison, and having served his community hours, he was now able to look for employment. However, the job he found was a long commute from friends' homes, and he needed a more permanent home of his own. L had asked for help with his bond to secure a flat he had found closer to his new workplace, and donors quickly stepped in to help.

Here is what the local Advocate said when donors helped to meet this request:

"Thank you very much for your generous contribution towards L’s new accommodation. I went with him on the day he moved in and it’s a lovely flat - clean and very well looked after. L is just over the moon! He is so thankful for the way you’ve helped him to secure his new home, which has already made a huge difference. He's really enjoying his work and the owner is really pleased with him, saying he’s ‘doing a fantastic job’! With stable and permanent housing, and a much easier 30 min commute to work (rather than 2+ hours and several buses he had before!), L can now settle into his work, with the prospects of a long-term career ahead. Thank you so much!"

The generosity of donors has enabled L to have a fresh start in a new home with a secure job, and he is very thankful!