A fresh start in time for Christmas

Steve* and Cara* are teenage parents who had been living in temporary accommodation, which they had been finding very difficult. They were offered a flat with some support attached to it, as they both have some disabilities, and the local Advocate said that the flat 'will be transformative for them'. They were desperate for this fresh start, for them and their children, and needed the first week's rent to secure the property. Acts 435 donors stepped in to help give them hope in their difficult situation in time for Christmas. They are now settled into their more permanent home, and the local Acts 435 said to those that had donated:

Thank you! Steve and Cara are now in their new flat before Christmas and out of temporary housing that wasn't good for them at all. They say they now 'feel safe and the children feel more safe and secure'. They are looking forward to giving their children something secure and being good parents, despite their very young age. You've given them a huge hand up in being able to achieve that, and I'm sure the whole family will end up being better for it. Thank you for what you have done for the whole family. And they have somewhere to share Christmas together. A priceless gift!

*names changed