A gift to help reduce isolation

Due to relationship breakdown E got into debt. She has three children, and approached her local church for help. The church have been a huge help to her on her journey to faith, and also practically.

Here is what her local Advocate had to say:

E, a single mum of three, started coming to church last year after a catastrophic relationship breakdown, and has powerfully come to faith, attending Bible study, morning prayer and Alpha. Due to her mental health, she has got into debt and the upkeep of her house has not been good. We have helped with a lot, but she really needs a new sofa as her old one is broken and smells. We've found a nearly brand new sofa and armchair. She was tearful when I said we might be able to help her with funds towards it.

The church was able to post a request for a secondhand sofa and chair onto our website, and her need was met. Her local Advocate said:

E is a woman of few words. She just asked that we thank you so much. Having her old, broken and dirty sofa taken away and replaced with an almost new one, was so wonderful. Her kids loved it and it made her feel less embarrassed about people coming round.

E said, "You can come for a cup of tea now and actually sit on something." This reduces her isolation and will lift her up. Thank you again!