A gift to reduce anxiety and depression

S finds it very difficult to walk long distances, and also has a permanent feeding tube, which she needs to carry with her. Her health visitor was worried that her depression and anxiety was being made worse due to not being able to get out of the house. The local Acts 435 Advocate posted a request for a wheelchair for S to be able to get out and about and visit some outside spaces. 

On receiving this gift S said: I started a bucket list of places to go when I got a wheelchair and I can now go to them. I am so grateful for your help. I’ve been in hospital again, due to my tube not working and was so depressed. Thank you so much. I don’t care if it snows outside, I am going to sit in my chair ready for my friend to come to take me out. I never thought I would feel so alive. Thank you!

Her health visitor also said to S 'I am sure the news of your wheelchair has helped your recovery.'

We're very thankful that our donors are able to step in to help individuals who are facing what feel like impossible situations, and make it possible to receive the help they need.