A second chance of childhood

When J approached our advocate he was desperate for help to raise the balance for a school trip for his granddaughter. Since the death of her mother, J has stepped in to raise his granddaughter but he had to give up his job to do so and has since had to rely on benefits and an extremely low income. J was confident the residential school trip would benefit his granddaughter in many ways, both educationally and socially, as well as building resilience and reinstalling a sense of joy in such a difficult time. J felt his granddaughter had lost some of her childhood in light of the tragic loss of her mother.

The full amount for the trip was raised, with help from Sittingbourne Family Church, and J's granddaughter was able to attend the trip, which was such an incredible blessing! J sent the following message of thanks: "I thought it was time to let you know how grateful I was when you helped me to ensure my granddaughter got on her school trip. I was worried sick that she would miss out, again, because I could not get the money together. When I was advised the funding had been found I just cried with relief. Your generosity has made that happen so I thank you for making it all possible for her. Sometimes, as in this case, asking for help was difficult, however, I now know there are people who still do care and that gladdens my heart."

J continued to explain his granddaughter has had a really rough time this year, and the trip away enabled her to relax with her friends and be a child again. A second chance for the joy of childhood, what an incredible gift!