Being able to eat and heat a home

This story is one that we're seeing repeatedly throughout our partner organisations, and their requests. This mum has been choosing whether to eat or heat her home, and with small children this choice is made impossible. Thanks to our partners, and their social supermarket she is able to purchase low cost food, but was still unsure how to make ends meet with the rising cost of living. Here is what the local Advocate had to say when she posted a request for C:

This amazing mum is a member of our social supermarket and is very grateful for our support and weekly chats. She often comments that we are her lifeline. Today she came into the shop feeling very low and when asked how she was, she began to cry. She is trying her best, but everything keeps going up and her energy bills are taking all her money. If it wasn't for this shop, she honestly would give up. Please can we help to put a smile back on her face by supporting her with her energy bills to ensure her children stay warm and get a hot meal?

Thanks to our wonderful community of donors, giving what they can, C's need was met. Here is what she had to say:

Thank you so much for the money, it means the absolute world to me to be able to feed my three children and get them a few bits for Christmas. This time of year is so hard, especially with electricity and gas bills, so your kindness and generosity mean everything. Thank you so much, C.

Not only has this gift enabled her to pay her gas and electricity it has also freed C up to be able to think of purchasing some presents for her children in time for Christmas.