Bringing relief to a stressful situation

A is unable to work, due to his caring responsibilities of two young children and his wife, who suffers from severe depression and is under the care of a psychologist. He and his family are on a low income and couldn't afford food or fuel. The family had used up their vouchers for their local Foodbank, and had no way to top-up their gas and electricity.

The family support worker was able to offer practical help, but the family had no other access to food or money to pay for their gas and electricity. The local Advocate at the food bank offered to post a request onto the Acts 435 website for help with these two needs.

Thanks to the generosity of donors the funds were raised quickly so that the family could eat, heat their home and turn on the electrics. A, the dad said:

Thank you for your help towards fuel bills and food. Your support for me and my family is of tremendous value to us, not only in monetary terms, but in bringing us relief from stress and the depression my wife is suffering from, but also the increasing difficulty in making ends meet.