Collaborating for carpets

This is a wonderful story of collaboration between organisations to make a huge difference to one individual.

This recipient has four children, but because of domestic abuse she was suffering, and the children have been taken into care. She now has a property of her own, but when she moved in the floors were just solid concrete, which was cold and uninviting.

She was referred to her local food bank by the charity who are supporting her, and the Acts 435 Advocate there suggested an Acts 435 request might help to carpet some of her home. The local Advocate spoke to the referring organisation and through an Acts 435 request, and other funding, they managed to find enough to carpet the whole home!

This will help this lady as she tries to get her life back on track, as well as lifting her mood and keeping her home warmer this winter as costs continue to increase.

The local referrer, from a local charity said: "I can’t even describe the difference, it was just concrete flooring before with scraps of rugs! Thank you so much to you and your donors."

Thank you so much for the carpets. It means so much to me having them, as they have really helped me and will do in the long run. Thank you for your support and generous help.