Debt free in time for Christmas

E has been a carer for his partner for many years, and together they're raising a family member's two children, in order to avoid them being taken into care. He has struggled hugely with all the pressures that these roles entail, and he got into debt and arrears on some of his bills.

He contacted Christians Against Poverty for help with the debt, and they advised him that the best route out of debt would be a Debt Relief Order (DRO). You can read more about what a DRO is here.

The fee for a DRO is £90, which is a cost that those facing this form of bankruptcy just can't afford. However, through partnering with Acts 435 the local Advocate was able to post a request for the costs for these fees. The Acts 435 donor community stepped up to help E, and covered these costs. He is now debt free, and is looking forward to a less stressful Christmas that he can enjoy with his family. Here is what E said:

When I started with Christians Against Poverty I thought I would never be debt free. Now, because of the help of people through Acts 435, I can be. One day I hope to be able to do the same for someone else. That would make me feel really good. Christmas this year is going to be very special. I am so thankful to everybody who has given money for me to be debt free.