Finding a way forward after debt

In the last 12 months we have helped over 1,400 individuals to become debt free by helping to provide the fee for a Debt Relief Order. These are a form of insolvency, which can only be administered by a registered intermediary, at a cost of £90.

This young woman, from Manchester, approached one of our partner charities who provides debt advice, and they found that her best path was to seek a Debt Relief Order (DRO). The local Advocate posted this request for help on our website:

N, is twenty three years old and suffers seriously with physical and mental health. She was on a university course after leaving college, and loved it. Sadly, she suffers crippling endometriosis and ended up having to quit her course, as she could no longer handle the pressure, and also with being in constant pain. N had a fall out with her family over this and has been sofa surfing since then. She is on benefits and cannot afford the fee for the Debt Relief Order (DRO) to help her have a fresh start, free from debt.

On receiving the help, Jo, the local Advocate, updated us on just how much this DRO has changed N's life for the better, enabling her to have a fresh start:

N's life has changed dramatically, before her DRO she suffered terribly with her mental health, she told me she felt the weight of the world was on her shoulders, as well as being very unwell with her crippling endometriosis. Her debts had started to build up and she could not afford to pay them. She lost all interest in life and was under the mental health team and was also sectioned for a while. She had to give up her course at Uni, she was doing Sports Science, she loved the course but just couldn't cope. When we had our first appointment, she was devastated at how her life was going, she had lost all her confidence and her self esteem was at rock bottom. As we were going through the debt process, I started to see a different girl appear.

She was in a deficit budget and could not afford to pay the DRO fee, when I told her we could put a request into Acts 435 for the fee she was overwhelmed, and couldn't believe total strangers would be prepared to help her, I remember that appointment so well as she was beaming at the end of It. Once the DRO was approved she started a course doing physiotherapy - it's a part time course but she absolutely loves It. She has started going to the gym and is looking after her mental health. She is thriving being debt free, she still suffers with her mental health, but not having the worry of the debts helps massively.

N also put her thanks into words, to share with the donors that gave towards her need:

These few years have felt never ending, they have been so difficult. The fact that total strangers have listened to my story, helped me sort out my life and now donated towards my Debt Relief Order, has lifted my spirits. I can't believe the generosity of you all. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! I now feel that I can start to walk forward, a lot lighter of mind and spirit, because of your kindness.