Giving the Ability to Attend the School Prom

Every year many school children attend a prom, but for some families the expense of buying smart clothing can be unreachable.

F grew up as a young carer for both her parents, and her dad recently faced a prison sentence. He says: "I wasn't the best dad. My mental health put her through too much. I may be mentally ill but I love her and want her to feel special for one time in her life. I hate asking, but I'm putting my ego aside for her. A special dress [for her prom] would be buying a memory for her. I can't pay for it in money, but I'm volunteering to pay it forward because it's time I was a Dad she's proud of. Thank you for helping me be that".

With the £80 donated towards this father's requests he bought his daughter a beautiful prom dress. The local Advocate got to attend the dress fitting, and see the fantastic memories that were made through this experience:

"This was one of the most moving experiences to be lucky to have been involved in. A arrived with her parents to the surprise of a gorgeous, elegant prom gown. Her father, who has suffered for over a decade with acute psychiatric illness, with A having been a young carer for him and her mother who suffers with eating disorders and anxiety, couldn't stop crying to see his daughter at her first dress fitting. He said, 'For everything that has happened, and all the wrong things I feel I've done, someone out there has made me feel proud of being a father and I've never been so emotional in my life before.' A was very pink in the cheeks and overwhelmed by her appearance and said 'Thank you. I don't know or where to find the right words because I don't even know who you are, but if I get chance to write to you, or even meet you one day, I will tell you how it feels like you've made me the luckiest person in the world. I can actually go to the prom and be proud and I feel like a woman instead of a little girl!' Her mum was also very tearful and clutched A's hand and just stared into her daughter's face and stroked her cheeks. She was speechless except for saying "thank you" over and again. It was just a dress but this family hung onto this experience in a way I can't describe. It was a privilege to be there and pass this feedback on to you.