Help for the New School Year

This family have been impacted greatly during the Covid-19 pandemic. Both parents were self-employed and had little help with income when they were unable to work. Their twins are about to start secondary school this September, which is a huge cost for those on low income.

After going to their local foodbank an Acts 435 request was posted to help them with the cost of school uniform. After the request was met, here is what the mum had to say:

"Thank you for contributing towards my twins' school uniform. This year has been so tough, possibly the worst. With a growing family we have always had to budget and save for things but we have always provided for our children. When Covid-19 caused lockdown, our lives like so many others changed. We couldn't work, we had to claim benefits, about which we had no idea. We suddenly went onto monthly pay. With all this we honestly didn't know what to do. We were now getting food parcels that I felt embarrassed about getting as we’d never been in such a situation, but this helped too much to let my pride stop us from getting them, we couldn't afford to say no. This is how I met someone from the church who offered help with school uniforms. I am so grateful."