Help to make a home

Rachel* has recently had to move house because of the risk of domestic violence. Her new house had no floor coverings and, being a single mum on Universal Credit with no savings, she simply couldn't afford to carpet her home, which could transform their family house into a proper home.

Our partnership with Mercado Carpets has meant that some of our partners are able to offer to carpet individuals home for free, and the fitting costs are then raised through our website.

The fitting funds were raised by the generosity of our donors, and the carpet was quickly fitted into Rachel's home. Here is what she then said:

"I could have cried, I felt so overwhelmed. My house no longer feels like a garage. It feels like a nice family home. I just would love to say a massive thank you to everyone. We recently moved home and with the cost of everything including removals vans, furniture, new school uniforms, carpets was at the very bottom of a never ending list. It now feels a warm and comfortable home, instead of shivering and feeling the huge drafts under the floorboards. The fitting guys were fantastic and worked very quickly, they were both very friendly and made me feel at ease. Thanks so, so much, it's life changing. I can now offer for my friends to come for a cuppa without the embarrassment! Thank you all so much."